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Our My Wellness Game Wesite


Space Jam Featuring "The World's Famous Harlem Wizards" You now have the opportunity to book with Space Jam. The month of November/December is currently open. To secure your spot visit our Youth Basketball Tab.

  • Allow us to organize a fun fundraiser at your school!!

    Our purpose of a fundraiser is to raise funds for a cause that is close to our hearts. By working together, we can make a positive impact on our new up coming generation. Running a fundraiser not only allows us to give back but also creates a sense of unity and purpose within our school community. It's a chance to showcase our generosity, compassion, and commitment to making a difference.

    Lets do it!!!!!! FUNNNNNN

  • Schools-Enchanted Brochure


    School Assemblies

    • $650 Two 1 hour Sessions

    Per contract

    Empowering Group Gatherings

    • Contract Includes 20 Students
    • Organized into Groups of 5 for Effective Interaction
    • Duration of complete Session

    3 hrs

    • Cost: $300

    One-On-One Sessions

    • 1 Student
    • Cost: $75
  • Dates July 17-21


    Address: 2000 Arroyo Road,

    Livermore CA 94550

  • Dates July 27-28


    Address: 2700 West Main St.

    Dothan, Alabama

  • 1st Day Livermore, CA

  • Livermore, CA

  • Dothan, Alabama

  • Dothan, Alabama

  • Hanging with The Walkers Forever growing spiritually. With beautiful amazing souls.

    Connecting in the Spirit Outreach Ministries Inc.